Meet the Visionary, Leticia I. D. Wiley

Leticia I. D. Wiley affectionately called “Tish” is the 2nd daughter of Apostle George H. Wiley & Mother Theresa A. Wiley. She was a feisty, quick-witted, energetic, little girl that loved to see people happy and make them smile. It is no wonder that her name means “joyfulness”. She was filled with the Holy Ghost at the age of 6 and fell in love with the joy that God brought into her life. As she grew older, her love to see and make people happy increased. She never wanted to encounter a person feeling down and leave them feeling that way. She would do or say something to cheer them up but then offer a prayer with them.

#TheHeal was never something that Leticia envisioned doing. She often says “God birthed this platform organically and placed it in my lap.” The Coronavirus pandemic forced the entire world into a mandatory quarantine for months. One night in April, Leticia’s family was about to play a game of Song Association. Leticia, being the social butterfly she is, thought it’d be fun to go live on Facebook to share the joy of her family playing. She invited those who wanted to play to press 1 and she’d call them on Messenger. To her surprise, there were participants that enjoyed with her and her family for an hour.

The participants enjoyed so much that they requested she go live again! And again! And again! Each live, the participants grew to the point where it maxed out Messenger and she transferred to Zoom!

The Zoom lives are a mixture of laughter, fellowship, and worship allowing for participants to experience a break from the monotony of quarantine and receive inspiration!

After hearing testimonies of how the Zoom lives helped so many that suffered with mental health and physically witnessing many come on the live not feeling well but later expressing how through the worship and laughter God touched their bodies, God gave Leticia the name #TheHeal. It is nick named “The Virtual Altar” because it has organically become the place to lay your burdens down and leave them there.

Her prayer is that when you wear #TheHeal Apparel you feel the comfort of the Live experience through the clothes! “I want the apparel to remind them that they are never alone! #TheHeal is a family with room for everyone!”